Hoe Toy Chop Suey


8559 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago, IL, 60617-2249



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Hoe Toy Chop Suey

Average price: $8
Restaurant briefing:
The owner of Hoe Toy Chop Suey is truly an expert in the foodservice industry. With over 32 years of industrial experience, he has managed to operate Hoe Toy Chop Suey successfully by strictly adhering to the principle of “attentive service, dedicated attitude, and delicious food”. Each dish is meticulously regulated starting from the purchasing of ingredients to food delivery. Take Fried Shrimp, for example. We only buy the newly acquired shrimp. After cleaning, we will use shrimp decorticator to cut its useless part. All of our dishes are tasty, not greasy, and very flavorful.
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